Episode 1: A Brief Introduction


Jessa: Hey everybody. This is Jessa Nicholson Goetz. 


Nick: This is Nick Gansner.


Jessa: And this is “Getting Off” with Jessa and Nick. We are two privately practicing criminal defense attorneys located in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re business partners and friends, and we want to talk to you about all things related to the law. Like what, Nick?


Nick: Like national-level policy issues concerning criminal law, like trials, like evidence, and popular culture, the way that criminal law and trials and the law are presented in popular culture.


Jessa: So this is our first attempt to do that via podcast. We just wanted to introduce ourselves today. Tomorrow, we’re going to do a longer introduction to talk about who we are and what qualifies us to offer our opinions, if anything does.


Nick: And what we plan to do with this podcast, what we plan to share with you, what we plan to talk about.


Jessa: If you’re a true crime junkie, if you’re a courtroom junkie, if you are somebody that likes reading the newspaper about terrible shit that happens to people and the consequences for that in the criminal justice system, this is the podcast for you.


Nick: It is. We’ll be here. We’ll be talking to you tomorrow about the, sort of, national-level policy matters concerning criminal law that we plan to discuss with you and share with you and deconstruct with you. And we’ll also share with you the trials and the cases and the crimes that we’re going to deconstruct and take apart and put back together for you, as well. 


Jessa: We’re also going to tell you a little bit more about ourselves. In the meantime, if there’s a case that you want to hear lawyers discuss (criminal lawyers) give us a shout. You can reach us at gettingoffpod@gmail.com and you can find us on Twitter and on Instagram and on Patreon, whatever the hell that is at Getting Off Pod.

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